Manchester React.js workshop summary

Joe Critchley by Joe Critchley, 05 Mar 2015

This week, a few people at Strobe's HQ at 22 Lever Street to learn the basics of React.js. We always wanted to do a workshop, but instead of doing it with loads of people, we wanted to form a small team, get round a desk, and build something together over three hours.

The mission: build a watchlist for your movies. In some form, we managed it. Attendees learned to work individually on components, understanding what props to expect, and what callback props to output (ready to communicate with its parent component). Everything came together at the end as I pushed an 'App' component to demonstrate data flow.

I've continued to improve Watchlist with v2.0. This is now a synced watchlist using the TMDB API, and powered by a Flux implementation called Reflux.

We'd like this to be an open playground for experimentation with tech, so pick something from the Roadmap and self-assign an issue; or ask a question with an issue.

Another workshop?

Thanks to everyone who came on Tuesday. We're thinking of holding small workshops for other technologies such as Swift. And we're also thinking about a trip down to London to do another React workshop. If you're interested in either of these, tweet me.