Manchester React.js workshop summary

Joe Critchley by Joe Critchley, 05 Mar 2015

This week, a few people at Strobe's HQ at 22 Lever Street to learn the basics of React.js. We always wanted to do a workshop, but instead of doing it with loads of people, we wanted to form a small team, get round a desk, and build something together over three hours.

The mission: build a watchlist for your movies. In some form, we managed it. Attendees learned to work individually on components, understanding what props to expect, and what callback props to output (ready to communicate with its parent component). Everything came together at the end as I pushed an 'App' component to demonstrate data flow.

I've continued to improve Watchlist with v2.0. This is now a synced watchlist using the TMDB API, and powered by a Flux implementation called Reflux.

We'd like this to be an open playground for experimentation with tech, so pick something from the Roadmap and self-assign an issue; or ask a question with an issue.

Another workshop?

Thanks to everyone who came on Tuesday. We're thinking of holding small workshops for other technologies such as Swift. And we're also thinking about a trip down to London to do another React workshop. If you're interested in either of these, tweet me.

After a brief discussion of an idea to build yet another 'get things done' style app, I decided to have a go at building a Chrome Extension.

Its a link blocking extension that stops you from visiting Twitter, Facebook and other time wasting sites and redirects you to a to do list on Strike. Presenting you with a list of everything I should be doing rather than perusing twitter.

Once you have completed all the task on your Strike list, it will stop blocking.

In a few hours, I was able to get it on the Chrome Web Store. If you need some discipline, you can download it here.

Full source code is also available on Github:

A little get-together.

Joe Critchley by Joe Critchley, 04 Mar 2014

Hello, Northern Quarter neighbours!

You lot are such friendly people. There has been talk over at 22 Lever Street about getting together for drinks, so maybe we should all make this happen? :)

What do you reckon? Is this is good idea, or a silly one? Join the group and get suggesting.

All the best,
from the Strobe guys

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Help us rebrand our brand?

Joe Critchley by Joe Critchley, 10 Feb 2014

We've been considering a shake-up with our brand. We want to focus on the sharpness, energy and movement from 'strobe'. We'll probably continue to experiment over the coming days. However, we want to take this to the next level…

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Sync data with Socket.IO and Flight events

Chris Hale by Chris Hale, 10 Feb 2014

After working with Twitter Flight on a recent project, I really enjoyed getting to grips with its event based design. I often found coaxing a UI's features into these events sometimes confusing, but in the end it was a refreshing way to look at the development of a UI.

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iBeacons with ProximityKit and Rubymotion

Chris Hale by Chris Hale, 07 Feb 2014

Bluetooth Low Energy has got us all excited at Strobe, and over the last week I've been experimenting with iBeacons. Before reading this article, I would suggest watching Rich Kilmer's talk on Controlling the Real World with RubyMotion if you haven't already. It's a great explanation of Bluetooth Low Energy, and should give you a good idea of what is acheivable.

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LAN for web developers

Chris Hale by Chris Hale, 17 Jan 2014

WARNING: incredibly nerdy post - not for the faint hearted - does not include cat pictures.

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Sugar rush

Dave McPoland by Dave McPoland, 16 Jan 2014

Big thanks to our lovely client, Konditor & Cook, who kindly sent us this mega box of chocolate brownies this morning. Leading the way so far for the 'most brownies eaten by a human being in a single morning' award, is Joe. Well done, good one.

He'll either do the work of 1000x men this afternoon, or fall asleep as his desk, drooling. Pics to follow if it's the latter.

Serious sketching

Joe Critchley by Joe Critchley, 16 Jan 2014

We're coming up with the killer feature for our next product. I've never experienced such intense ideation!

We might be a few days behind, but things are looking good for this next sprint.

Something a bit more “us”

Joe Critchley by Joe Critchley, 15 Jan 2014

We practically haven't touched since we started this whole thing back in early 2012. So, we figured it was time for a bit of a change.

We're all a bit tired today, but the plan is to record everything we can about the startup work we're doing, through whichever medium we feel is right.